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No-Shave November Survival Guide

It’s mid-November and many of you have either whimsically thrown yourself headlong into the No-Shave November  frenzy or you’ve been a part of our Fir Coalition Fundraiser.

Either way, you've no doubt dreamt of the robust beard you’ll be presenting to relatives during the holidays, but unless you’ve done this before, you probably didn’t account for all that discomfort. Yup. Growing out a beard is uncomfortable.

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Brand Spotlight: Northern Fir Beard Co. & Fir Coalition Fundraiser

In the spirit of #NoShaveNovember we've decided to feature one of our favorite brands, Northern Fir Beard Co in this month's Brand Spotlight. 

Located right here in Austin, Texas Trevor Williamson and Arlo Bush are the men behind one of our favorite (and most manly) grooming staple, Quality Beard Oil. It's made of the highest quality organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined natural oils,and is handcrafted locally in small batches. If you haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet, trust us, you and your facial hair are missing out. 

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How to Pack for a Weekend Trip

Weekend getaways can be tricky. How much do I pack? Did I pack enough? What activities will I be doing? These are all questions that come up when we're trying to pack for that quick weekend trip. Since, this can be frustrating, we decided to gather up some of our favorite items for packing exactly what you need for a quick trip.

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