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Winter Julep Cocktail

Around the Holidays, changing up your drink rotation is a must. You need something with a little more heart and depth to it. Think big fires, swanky music and some bone warming bourbon. We took a traditional bourbon drink, The Mint Julep, and put a twist on it.

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Stocking Stuffers For Every Man On Your List

Guys love creative things that add function and quality to their lives. Things like finding shortcuts and developing life hacks. And because of this creativity and thrift, they can also be tricky to find gifts for. This year you’ll be happy to know that we’ve pulled together a few gift guides that will help you find the perfect gift, no matter what he's into.

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What To Wear This Holiday Season

What To Wear This Holiday Season - Weathered Coalition

Whether you plan on attending the annual holiday office party with your co-workers, or will be enjoying some quality family time back at home, we've put together the perfect outfit choices for every occasion on your holiday calendar.  Each piece has been selected based on both style and comfort, leaving you well dressed throughout the season. 

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